In Search of ...

Gather Wild Stallions!

Session 1

Mostly strangers to each other, a group of adventured gathered in the common room of the Twig and Berries Inn, each in search of the same treasure. Bludger the one-eyed Dwarf picked a fight with a group of farmers. In the melee, he grabbed the tablecloth from Ted’s table (“the centerpiece is still standing!”), angering the cleric and causing her to knock him unconscious with her mace. Bowden and Bill leapt into the fray, the theif promptly relieving the Dwarf of his money and wineskin. To avoid angering the famers further, a Halfing who introduced himself as Harb Sharptoes invited the group upstairs to the common room; he had a proposition.

Harb promised to take them to an abandoned stronghold located not to far from the city of Bastion, once home to the warrior Rogaine and his companion, the wizard Zell the Unbeknownst. The next morning they set out, but Harb quickly led them into an ambush. Harb’s two companions where killed, but the Halfing escaped.

The party, now calling themselves the Wild Stallions, returned to town for the night. The next day, they set out again, only to wander from the path and entered a shallow cave, home only to a young Owlbear. They were victorious but mauled and badly wounded. Returning to town, they sought healing from the shrine of St. Cudgel of the Blessed Bludgeoning (and stocked up on healing potions). They then befriended a slightly burnt out alchemist called Rufus, who attempted to access some potions they had found and purchased the body of the baby owlbear. The next morning, after hearing some reports of a full gown Owlbear attack on the south gate where three guardsmen were killed, they set out again, this time arriving at a door located in a cliff-face overlooking the town.

Entering through the splintered door, they walked down a long corridor, only to trigger a Magic Mouth trap. After getting into an insult contest with Bludger, the mouth faded and they continued deeper into the stronghold where they came across some bodies. Looting, three of the bodies stood up and the Wild Stallions battled the skeletons. Exploring ever deeper into the stronghold, they found a room overgrown with fungus and infested with Jumping Maggots. Barely escaping with their lives, they took refuge in a kitchen, only to be attacked again by a savage Dire Cheese.

After a rest and a lunch of cheese sandwiches, they were ambushed by a party of Orcs and almost lost Ted the cleric to a hail of arrows. After some uneventful looting, they accidentally triggered a pit trap and where dropped into a underground lake some 20’ below.

Still to come, more adventures of the Wild Stallions!


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